Upcoming Events! Solar Eclipse & More!

Thanks for your interest and participation in these astrological based events.  This one marks the fourth and final event of the eclipse series.  (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the email to learn about other upcoming events!)

Hybrid Solar Eclipse Event
Live Event Sunday November 3rd,  9-10am CT / 10-11am   ET   $15

Uplift yourself into new beginnings, enhanced health, and higher vibrational consciousness!!
This eclipse marks the energy closing old chapters and of new beginnings –  catalysts for change for both you and the planet!

** Learn more about this Solar Eclipse that is being labeled ‘hybrid’.
** Experience healing and alignment with this powerful energy.
** Finalize the connection and anchoring in of golden age codes via uniting with the Golden age of LeMuria while energetically visiting Easter Island.

Don’t miss the opportunity to totally uplift yourself into new beginnings and higher vibrational consciousness!

Reply to this email to register.  The event will be available via live teleconference call, recorded call, and in person in Lake Worth, FL.  Just let me know your attendance preference upon registration.

Other events!

Become Empowered!
November 12th, 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET  $15
A guided healing meditation to let go of the victim way of thinking and being – to become an empowered spiritual being. Transform the old habits way for a healthier way!

Lower Lumber Transformation
November 24th, 3-4pm CT / 4-5pm ET   $15

A guided healing meditation focused on the health of your lower back.  Clear what you are holding to emotionally or mentally that is limiting your lower back’s health
Love & Light



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