Info for next Ascension Meeting!

Hi everyone!


I just wanted to share an early heads up and preview of what we will be covering in the next Ascension Meeting on December 7th.


It might seems like life on our planet is not improving; not true.   This is a special time especially for those on the path – you!  A time of moving into a ‘refined, uplifted, idealized extension of you!’  Wow!


I will be sharing:

  •  What has been and is happening energetically, that is allowing us to move into our own Divine Extension of who we are!  This next step has been facilitated by our work this year, that has been connected to downloads and attunements.  Our process is right on track!


  • Current updates and key areas of focus for continued growth, I will give tips for this period that we are in.


  • Inner work to support your divine extension!   And of course do important work for earth and humanity.


  • More!  I am still receiving for our meeting, but wanted to put a notice out now so you can save the date and register.


Your participation in our ongoing work is acknowledged and appreciated. It is very beneficial to the planet, humanity and of course to your own optimal upliftment!


Just reply to this email to RSVP and let me know whether you will be able to attend the live call, in-person, or via recorded call.


Advanced Ascension Work

Saturday, December 7th
(9:30am-12:30pm CT / 10:30am-1:30pm ET)  $55

Ongoing bi-monthly work. Move up your spiritual pathway to higher consciousness while learning about and supporting planetary changes.


Love & Light



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