Winter Solstice Event!

Happy December everyone!


A new article has been posted on the Healing Path website.  This one covers how to operate from a place of integrity.  I hope it speaks to you:


I have two special meditation events coming up soon.  A free event at the end of the month and an event to connect with Winter Solstice! I’ll share more details about the free event in the very near future, and I hope that you invite everyone you know to attend!


Winter Solstice Meditation
Live Event December 21st, 9-10:30am / 10-11:30am   $20

The Winter Solstice will be a special time for our alignment.


Connect with the special energies of the shortest day of the year – preparing yourself for the new energies of 2014.


Our planet will align with the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core on December 21st. This is the Cosmic Gateway into a higher dimensional Earth. Our inner work will include receiving divine crystal light codes for yourself and the planet, as well as deep introspection that is readily available to be accessed during the shortest day of the year.


This event can be attended live via phone or via recorded call at your convenience.  Just reply to this email to RSVP and let me know your attendance preference.


Love, Light & Happy Holidays



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