Welcoming 2014…

If you are wanting changes in your life – this is a good year to support change.  If you want everything to stay the same – you might be in for a few surprises.

This is a year to embrace change.  Change is a good thing.   You may fear something new or different, but it does not mean that change is ‘bad’.  It just means that you are just used to your habit way of living and being, so it feels comfortable to stay with things are they are,  even when things are boring or worse aren’t healthy for you.

Whether or not you are looking for a change, try to be open to the changes that will naturally occur this year.  In fact, use intention to bring forth something different this year to help propel all aspects of your life.

Think through what you really want from your life.  Do so without limits and by listening to your heart.   Once you have clarity, set your intention for this or something even better.  This year supports change, so why not direct it in a way that meets your heart’s desire!

Here is to a wonderful 2014 – a  year that can  propel each of us forward in a special way.

Love & Light


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