Soul’s Gate Chakra Event, Free Consults, & Updates!

Soul’s Gate Chakra Event, Free Consults, & Updates!
Hi everyone!

Last week was a busy one!  I was a guest on two radio shows (here and here), featured on a blog, and had an article go up on Beliefnet.  I keep an archive of all radio interviews and media on my website – be sure to check it out and see if you missed anything.

You may notice that this email looks different!  I am trying out Constant Contact to help ensure that you are able to receive and see my email messages to you.  If you have an opinion on the layout or any issues – I’d love to hear them!

Upcoming Event!
Outer Chakra Activation Meditation

Live Event Sunday Feb 23rd, 3-4pm CT / 4-5pm ET – $15
The first chakra that is located outside our body is called the ‘soul’s gate’.  This chakra is important because it keeps you grounded in your spiritual identity. We will cleanse, ground, and activate this chakra.  I have been guided to do this special, unique work and believe that attendees will enjoy the opening it creates which affects all parts of their being.


If you missed The Heart of the Matter Meditation from earlier this week, and would like to hear the event recording – just let me know!

As always, event attendance is welcome at my healing space in Lake Worth, live via teleconference, or via recorded teleconference call.  Reply to this email to RSVP, and let me know your attendance preference. (If you have already RVSPed your spot in advance – thanks!)


Free Consults!

Have you always wanted a session, been curious how they work, or wanted to recommend a session to someone else?  I am offering free 30 minute consultations!


This is a great way to learn more about how my holistic approach can have an impact for YOUR issues.  We will talk about approaches, how a sessions works, and best of all – how it will work for you!


And you can send this very email to a friend! Just use the button below!




Love & Light

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