The Power of a Smile

When we smile, most of us do it as a reaction to someone.  It feels good and the person receiving your smile feels good too!

Guess what?  It feels really good to smile even when you are all by yourself. Yes, even by yourself.   Try it!

Putting a smile on your face helps you to start thinking pleasant thoughts and experience positive feelings.  It softens your body.  It is infectious.

When you stop smiling, those feelings leave and you will want to put that smile right back on your face.  Then it feels even better than before, so your smile gets bigger and bigger.  You start to feel really happy and confident.

All of this come from putting a smile on your face, even when you are alone!

A smile can travel further than your lips.  Bring it up to your forehead and eyes.  Then send the energy of it down to your heart.  Let your smile take up residence inside of you, making the inside of you happy.  You can send your smile throughout your body – what a joyful touch!

But no matter where you are or who you are with, having a smile on your face will help you feel better and will radiate to others around you.


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