Are you connected to the Earth?

Modern technology and lifestyles are great in so many ways, but they can also separate us from each other and the earth.

Because we live on the planet earth it is important to be connected with her.
Earth offers us positive energy, support, and grounding.magnet2

The earth’s surface  is charged with free electrons.  The surface charge is “ground” .  When grounded any object including animal and human becomes charged – at the speed of light – with the earth’s free electrons.  For centuries we lived connected with the earth, but recently most us live separate from this needed connection.

How did we become disconnected?  We wear rubber shoes or soles on our feet.  This creates a barrier between the earth and ourselves.  We sit on decks and balcony’s above the earth rather than sitting on the earth.  We seldom spend time in nature, and when we do we are on our phones.  Disconnection can cause many health problems with areas such as bones,  teeth, and your immune system.

On the flip side, spending time connecting with the earth in your bare feet is very beneficial.  Wounds heal 3 times faster. Earth’s energy quiets and synchronizes your brain waves, releasing bio electrical stress.  Earth’s energy also has  a positive impact on free radicals, inflammation, sleep, and hormones.  Connecting with the earth helps bring you and your body into balance – supporting a healthy functioning body.

Think about spending more time on the earth – allowing your body to touch her.  Maybe it is sitting on the beach, on the grass in a park, or in your yard without technology.  Take a deep breath in, tune into her, and receive the benefits to you and your health.  In the process you might start receiving intuition and guidance from the Earth Mother.  I know I do!

Make a conscious decision to move from disconnection to connection.
Spend 5-10 minutes a day in physical and mental contact with the earth!


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