Breast Cancer Support Group at Olson Women’s Diagnostic Center at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast

Want to learn more about the Breast Cancer Support Group that I am a guest speaker at?  Take a look at this flyer: Breast Cancer Support Group

March 18th – Breast Cancer Support Group; 6pm.  Alice McCall will lead the group to reflect on the importance of allowing  – finding peace through detachment from others’ choices.  Free.  Held in the Olson Women’s Diagnostic Center at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast.  Email / call 850-585-5496.

Inner-Peace By Emotionally Detaching from Others’ Choices

Where is the line between offering sincere advice and becoming so emotionally invested
in someone else’s problems that it is a determent to your well being?

It is easy to get frustrated when we see someone’s potential fade because of what we view as their ‘bad’ choices. But that frustration isn’t helpful – there is a better way.

Alice will discuss what living with allowing is and why it is important. Learn how to achieve balance within your relationships – without feeling drained by other people’s situations.

Alice will close the presentation with a guided healing meditation utilizing her unique toning technique. The meditation will include guided imagery to visualize what positive detachment looks and feels like in your life.

Alice McCall (BS Psychology, MBA, Certified Hypnotist) is a successful author, spiritual counselor, and Cellular Level Healing consultant. She assists her clients in transforming dense blocks of energy using the mind, body, spirit connection. Her specialty is helping those with serious diseases. She healed herself of breast cancer without medical intervention by transforming her disease at the cellular level. For information on her popular book ‘Wellness Wisdom’ visit

Learn more about Alice and her practice at / 850-585-5496.


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