Tips for Using Intention Daily!

Intention sets the tone and direction for everything. 

If you intend that it is going to be a good day, it usually is.  Why don’t we consciously use intention on an ongoing basis?

We may just forget to use intention – and don’t work towards reinforcing it as a positive habit.  Many of us may look at intention as a way of manifesting something important, but forget it’s impact as a daily tool.

It is my experience, when I use intention everyday my days always go much smoother.  It only takes a couple of minutes to include intention in your routine – and the benefits are far reaching.

Start each day with 2-3 minutes of intention work.  Focus on what you would like to change in your life or change about yourself.  Use intention to focus your goals and create new ones.

One of my clients felt that their relationships were always difficult.  After doing work to reprogram that belief at a deep subconscious / unconscious level, I recommended that he start each morning with intention.  To greet each morning with something like “I intend that today all my relationships and interactions with others are harmonious and mutually supportive.”

He was setting the tone and direction of each day. I also suggested that if  he was going to talk with someone who had been typically difficult, that he intend  a good rapport before a conversation was struck up.

Daily intention helped set the tone – the direction for this client.  It served as a stepping stone to continue to address and fix a problem that affected his life.  And it can have the same affect in your life!

Think through the changes you’d like to see in your life and the world at large.  Then focus on how to bring about those changes.  Focus on the goals with clarity and with positive outcomes.  Use intentions as a daily tool to propel the life you want – the life you desire.

To learn more or to address if you have buried issues that need to be cleared – please contact me.


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