Future Lives – Your Soul’s Song

Part three is on Thursday, September 18th, and I hope that you will attend to continue this important work.

‘Future Lives 3 – Your Soul’s Song’ Live Event is Thursday, September 18th – 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET – $20)

In the first event we connected to the future life that offered an ability to see the next progression for us based on where we currently are in our journey.

In the second event we connected with a future life where we exist in a higher dimension living with an evolved consciousness/way of being. Along with how our Oversoul has 12 parts and that our current lifetime represents only one of them.

So what does the third event hold? Together we will bring all these pieces to a more personal level – diving into the uniqueness of your soul and its perfect frequency. We will discuss and experience, while in a meditative state, a future life experience where you claimed and perfected your unique soul’s song. It will also be an experience where you can learn more about your telepathic and clairsentience skills. There is much for you to learn in this future life – much to incorporate into the present.

Imagine living, right now, as the perfection of your soul’s song!

I hope you will join me for more leading edge work. Like with the prior two events, this will be the first time working with these concepts!

I look forward to continuing this new, expanding work with you. Email alice@healingpath.info to RSVP, and share whether you are able to join in-person in Hendersonville, live via teleconference, or want to listen to the event recording.


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