Shamanic Experience Meditation

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all safe and warm as cold weather as crossed much of the US.

I have updated the news section of my website – it includes some hints about a project that I can’t wait to share with all of you.  I am excited watch as this all falls into place.

There is still time to take advantage of the special pricing for the Expanded Rays of Light series.  To read about the series and how you can save 20% follow this link.  The first part of the event takes place this evening (Thursday 2/19) – but the recorded call will be available as well.

It is time for a Shamanic Experience Meditation!
Live Event Thursday February 26th, 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET  $15 

I offer these events once a year – and every shamanic journey is different from the last. We utilize the beat of the Shamanic drum to bring you into a very deep place within yourself.  The journey is always unique and on target for where you are in your life – revealing insights that are important to your present spiritual journey.

It is common for attendees to share that they experience a trance-like state – butevery attendee learns some important wisdom and feels the transformational properties of traditional shamanic healing.


We will begin our journey by traveling energetically within the earth in a Native American Kiva.  Our journey with the inside of the earth symbolizes the inside of you!  Wow!


Have a notebook handy to record your experience as soon as the meditation closes. The details of deep journeying often are forgotten after a few minutes – and those details can be amazing gems of wisdom.


I hope this event speaks to you – and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Love & Light


Reminder – events can be attended so many different ways!  Reply to this email to RSVP, and let me know your attendance preference: in person in Lake Worth, live via teleconference, or recorded call. 

Upcoming Events 


Healthy Blood Meditation – Miss the event?  Ask for the recording!

Transform and prevent abnormal blood pressure and blood sugar issues through energetic work while in a guided healing meditation.
Expanded Rays of Light: Part One

Live Event Thursday, February 19th, 6-8pm CT / 7-9pm ET $25
The first of a series of specialized events to connect with the powerful energy rays that are directly from the divine.  Includes related chakra, DNA, and auric work.


Shamanic Drumming Meditation
Live Event Thursday February 26th, 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET  $15
Experience a traditional shamanic journey while in a deep meditative state. Gain a new understanding of self, inner wisdom, and personal healing.


Endocrine System Healing
Live Event Tuesday, March 10th, 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET  $20
A guided meditation focused on the healing and prevention upper body.  Includes energy work on the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, and hypothalamus.
Equinox & Solar Eclipse Event
Live Event Friday, March 20th, 6-7:30pm CT / 7-8:30pm ET  $20

In a meditative state attendees will leverage the energies of the day to clear old patterns to fully embrace their spiritual purpose.


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