Special Dolphin Meditation Event!

Hi everyone!

May’s article is about spreading kindness and includes a few pointers for how to experience a kindness meditation to fully embrace the positivity that is being kind.

What will be the first event that I offer in my Hendersonville NC healing space? Traveling with Dolphins Meditation!

On Tuesday, May 12th (6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET $15) we will connect the joyous, loving and active energy of dolphin to bring it into our present being.  And what giftsthose are!
Dolphin has long been regarded as a gentle healer with their infectious, joyful energy.  So together in a deep meditative state we will ask dolphin to help us transform our mental, emotional, and physical being  We will tune into dolphin’s energy and understand how it can play a vital role in our personal evolution.

Together we will learn more about this incredible spiritual animal, including it’s connection to the planet Jupiter.  You will be amazed at the results from this event – and it is an enjoyable, incredible journey to travel with Dolphin in the waters of the earth and up to the moon!
I hope that you join me on this journey with dolphin – it is a magical one!
Love & Light


Reminder – events can be attended so many different ways!  Reply to this email to RSVP, and let me know your attendance preference: in person in Hendersonville, live via teleconference, or recorded call.  alice@healingpath.info / 850-585-5496

Upcoming Events 


Traveling with Dolphins Meditation

Live Event Tuesday, May 12th, 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET $15

Traveling with the dolphins for an incredible healing experience that takes place while in sacred meditation space.  Receive personal healing and have an unbelievable journey.

Healthy Blood Event @ The Salt Spa in Asheville
Available in person only on May 16th, 5-7pm ET
Learn more and RSVP on the Salt Spa’s website.
Expanded Rays of Light – Part Two
Live Event Thursday, May 21st, 6-7pm CT / 7-8pm ET  $25
The second of a three part series.  Ask for the recording of part one to catch up and get the most out of the experience.   Connect with the powerful energy rays that are directly from the divine.  Includes related chakra, DNA, and auric work.


Immune System Boost

Live Event Sunday, May 31st, 3-4pm CT / 4-5pm ET  $15

Immune System Boost with Alice McCall – Experience energetic work to maintain and propel the health of your immune system so you are healthy and energetic all summer long.  Includes a focus on spleen and lymph areas for maximum effect.


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