Events at Asheville’s Salt Spa!

If you are in the greater Asheville North Carolina area – check out the Salt Spa!  I am facilitating an event there every month while I’m in Hendersonville North Carolina – and love doing events in their very special space.

​Sat. July 18, 2015 5-7 p.m.
Respiratory Tract/Life Force Healing
Our breath is our vital life force. This event includes work focused on both physical healing as well as prevention. It will focus on the entire respiratory tract. Alice will facilitate you in the transformation of what might be limiting your full life force’s ability to flow into your body through your breath. This work will open you up for full health and vitality. Breathe easily, fully, and joyfully.

​Sat. Aug 15, 2015 5-7 p.m.
Immune System – comprehensive healing
We live in a toxic world. It is incredibly important to keep your immune system operating at an optimal level to best support your total health and wellness. Alice will guide you in powerful energetic work at the cellular level of your body to transform blockages that could impede immune health and uplift its’ capabilities. This comprehensive work is for everyone!

​Sat Sept 19, 2015 5-7 p.m.
Liver and Kidneys – prevention and healing
This event focuses on two extremely important organs. The kidneys remove wastes, control fluid balance, and regulate electrolyte balance. The liver’s production of bile, removes waste and breaks down fats during digestion. The liver also cleanses the blood & regulates blood clotting. Alice will facilitate transformational healing at the cellular level for both the liver and kidneys. You will feel more energy, less bloated, and cleansed!

​Sat Oct 17, 2015 5-7 p.m.
Breast Health – prevention and healing
Alice will conduct transformational cell level healing for the breasts. This work is equally important for prevention! Although not highly discussed, many men do contract breast cancer as well. Breast cancer is a hormone related disease. All the unnatural hormones that we have put in our body (past or present), only accelerates this disease. Let’s get ahead of the curve and set your body up for success with this important healing event.

Alice McCall’s healing work is very potent and effective. She focuses on her cellular level healing work, shamanic sound healing and other healing modalities during her events. Her events are always booked out, so please schedule ahead of time.
Alice’s healing events are supported by the Salt Spa experience.. The events take place in our wonderful Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary. Alice will work from 6-7 p.m., followed by a Halotherapy session and time for questions.

Alice McCall holds a BS Psychology, MBA, Certification in Hypnosis & Reiki, is a Light Shaman, and a Spiritual Ascension Specialist. She works at the cellular level to achieve transformation in health and emotional issues as well as unwanted life patterns. Her successes include her own self-healing of breast cancer, as well as many client cases with severe and life threatening illnesses. $45/person for each session
Reservation is required, Tickets are available at The Salt Spa of Asheville by calling
​ $45/person

The Salt Spa of Asheville & Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary


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